Upcoming Productions

Baggage ( filming Late July ) 

Red Beast Productions

Director:   David James

One person's struggle to leave the past behind her and move on.


fun fact::   This would be the directorial debut for David James.

Going Under ( filming Late August )


Director:   Mina Soliman

Synopsis of movie coming soon.


fun fact:   

The Perch ( filming spring 2020 )

Red Beast Productions


Director:   Frederic Lefebvre

A family reconnects on a camping trip only to be interrupted and hunted by a mysterious monster.


fun fact:    This will be our first feature film.

My Dinner With Chuck ( post-production)

Red Beast Productions


Director:   Joe Parente

“The Importance of Being Earnest While Eating King Crab On A First Date” combines dark humour and cosmic horror to tell the story of Mal, a shy and nervous 20-something trying to break out of her introvert shell and into the world of online dating. But putting yourself out there is tough and Mal’s date with Ben, a rude and condescending alpha male type, goes wrong right from the start. Just when Mal thinks her evening couldn’t get any worse, the Alaskan King Crab on her dinner plate starts talking to her. He introduces himself as Chuck, an ancient cosmic entity from beyond space who until recently had been living inside the giant crustacean. Now that his former vessel has been boiled alive and served up as an entrée, he’s on the hunt for a new living host, and he makes Mal the offer of a lifetime.

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fun fact:   Rumour has it Canadian voice actor Richard Dumont will voice the crab - more to come.

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