Nicholette brings the experience of having lived in over 14 countries on five different continents. She resided in France for many years as a Gourmet Chef better known as Chef Du Cuisine and completed a Degree in Nutrition once in Canada. She has an extensive background in Strategic Marketing as well as Business Administration that she has combined with her passion for the creation of motion pictures. Fulfilling her dreams to capture her life experiences and turn them into films, her creativity and flare to tell stories has led to studies at Toronto Film School.



Born and raised in Bangladesh, Zafir pursued his undergraduate in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota and later University of Western Ontario. Soon thereafter, he realized his passion lay in filmmaking and chose to complete a diploma in Film Production at Toronto Film School. Having lived in several different parts of the world and experiencing multiple cultures, Zafir believes film is a medium that brings people closer together and seeks to bring that experience and belief to life.



Mina has worked as a film director and DOP for many years. He studied at the Academy of Cinema and Dramatic Arts in Egypt and has worked as an assistant professor teaching the grammar of film language. Mina has directed several short films in Egypt, such as ‘Abel’ in 2011 and ‘Roses’ in 2013, and continued his education to include a Diploma in film production from the Toronto Film School. His first short film made in Canada is ‘Cesarean’ in 2017. Currently, he works as a director for an Arabic cooking show in Toronto.



David James is a Canadian film producer of Italian descent. Born 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, David started directing at a young age creating small student stories, he then went on to graduate from Seneca college for marketing before attending Toronto Film School. This is where David found his niche in producing and where he graduated with numerous productions under his belt and alongside fellow friends and associates continued to produce more films after school. David joined NRW Studios as a managing partner in January, 2019 and has opened up his own label "Red Beast Productions".

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